Find hotels in a city or town. Example:

  • San Francisco to find San Francisco

Find hotels in a district or neighborhood. Examples:

  • Manhattan, Union Square, Park Slope, Downtown

Find hotels near an Airport. Examples:

  • Kennedy to find New York John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • JFK to find New York John F. Kennedy International Airport by airport code

Find hotels in a region. Example:

  • Yosemite to find hotels near Yosemite National Park, California

Search modifiers. Examples:

  • Hotel: Victoria to find hotels with 'Victoria' in the name of the hotel
  • Chain: Best Value to find hotels of the 'Best Value' hotels chain
  • Airport: SFO to find hotels near airport using the IATA code (SFO = San Francisco International Airport)
  • Airport: La Guardia to find hotels near New York La Guardia airport
  • Landmark: Empire State Building to find hotels near the landmark Empire State Building

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